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Dessert on Purpose

One of my key weight maintaining strategies is to only eat dessert on purpose. What I mean by that is to plan for dessert. Don’t let the spontaneous temptations to snack on treats — some may call them opportunities rather than temptations — allow you to consume calories that you didn’t plan for and thereby ruin your otherwise good intentions and disciplines. When I say “dessert”, I mean anything that’s remotely sweet and has a lot of sugar — that includes candies, cocktails, muffins, donuts, granola bars, a ton of fruit, even some yogurts . . .

We see these temptations all around us — at the office there’s usually a bowl of candy, donuts, birthday cake or cupcakes, cookies, etc. Sometimes our friends invite us out to drinks on a Tuesday night because they’ve had a hard day and need some emotional comfort. We often grab the easiest thing to eat in the morning, like a granola bar or sugary yogurt. And let’s be honest, consuming these treats is satisfying, sure, but only for about 5-10 minutes…until regret sets in!

The Cheat Day

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying to never consume dessert. In fact, I encourage dessert once or twice a week, and specifically on the weekend. It’s impractical to think you won’t ever consume dessert again. In fact, I think it’s better for your diet if you establish a “cheat day” where you allow yourself to eat the things you said no to or have severely limited every other day. This way, you’re not constantly saying no to your cravings and setting yourself up to relapse and give into every sweet you see. A little bit every once in awhile is better for your overall health than gorging later because you have a fear of missing out on the good stuff! And I think we can all agree that it’s good!


So I recommend allowing yourself a day or two to consume delicious treats or’s that will encourage you to “be good” during the week. One’s that are worth it. For example, here’s a pic of my favorite dessert in Raleigh. I just had it again this past weekend!:

It’s called a “Salty Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwich” from Bittersweet.  It’s the perfect dessert for any time of year!  As Bittersweet describes it — it’s chocolate-chip sea salt cookies, vanilla ice cream, rolled in bourbon caramel corn. YUM!!

I also recommend planning these desserts out in advance. Encourage your diet during the week by reminding yourself that you’ll have something delicious (like the Salty Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwich) waiting for you on Saturday.

If you would like other tips and tricks to steer clear of sugary sweets or just to have an idea of what those are, feel free to email me:

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